Aunt Landa Market Money – ALMM

Over the years, Aunt Landa Bethel Foundation has been rehabilitating and empowering thousands of unemployed underprivileged men and women.

95% of our rehabilitants are ex-prostitutes, ex-prisioners and ex-drugaddicts.

Since 2013, we have run several vocational training programs in various local governments across Lagos State.

In 2018, Aunt Landa, with the help of an amazing team and under the leadership of the Chairman, Alibaba setup the Aunt Landa Free Tertiary Academy. A Vocational training College where rehabilitants can choose any of our 18 different Courses in 7 different Campuses.

So far, We accepted 6151 Applications, 2882 of them stayed on as Matriculants, but only 270 stayed the course, completed the Program and graduated with Diplomas.

We identified the inpatience of several of our rehabilitants, who desperately want to go from being unemployed to a skilled workforce inspite of their not so pleasant past.

This found us restructuring our curriculum and switching the length of the Programme from 6months to 3months.

It is our hope that this will encourage more of our rehabilitants to complete the programme.

As we prepare for the Matriculation of the new set of Rehabilitants, we have identified the need for access to Small, interest free Start-up Capital.

Unfortunately, several of our rehabilitants lack funds to set up businesses in order to put their newly acquired skills to use and because of their past, those who applied for loans from Banks were turned down.

Many of them have had to struggle with Loan Sharks who demand some times up to 80% interest on loans.

All of these led to the birth of the Aunt Landa Bank. A hub for access to zero interest free loans.

It is exciting to finally launch our first interest-free loan plan called the ALMM..(Aunt Landa Market Money).

To apply for the Aunt Landa Market Money, you must be a Graduate of the Aunt Landa Free Tertiary Academy.

You must have a Guarantor who would be liable to pay back your loan in case you are unable to.

For your first loan, you can apply for any amount from as low as N10,000 to a maximum of N50,000.

Aunt Landa Market Money must be used to start up small businesses or stock up existing businesses related to the rehabilitants choice of course.

Beneficiaries of Aunt Landa Market Money, should never send any child 21years and Below to Hawk their Products.

Every Beneficiary will be assigned to an ALMM loan adviser/enforcer.

This loan is interest free and must be repaid in 6 months.

For the Rehabilitants who would be benefiting from the Aunt Landa Market Money, I say Congratulations my Darlings.

Please stick to the rules, and endeavour to repay your loans to give you access to bigger loans.

I am so proud of you,


Aunt Landa.

Please read through the Chairman’s letter and feel free to call 08099111919 for enquiries about ALMM.

Dear Loan Applicant,

As the Chairman of the Aunt Landa Bethel 

Foundation, I would like to congratulate you for 

letting go of your past and learning a trade at the 

Aunt Landa Free Tertiary Academy.

Now that you have been rehabilitated and 

empowered, I encourage you to forge ahead, 

applying all the tools you were taught during your

stay with us. 

Remember that hardwork and smart work pays. 

I am proud of you and I pray for God’s guidance to 

walk you through your new life 

Like Aunt Landa would say, no matter how

horrible your past was, you have a spotless future. 

I wish you the very best 

Alibaba Akpobome 

Vice Chancellor 

Aunt Landa Free Tertiary Academy