Aunt Landa

Her Academic sojourn through the likes of Harvard Medical School and University of Pittsburgh, to mention a few; gave birth to her career as a practicing Female Fertility Specialist cum Clinical and Relational Psychologist with a concentration on Child Development.

The last few years have however found her working with various schools and communities, mentoring and coaching professionals, non-professionals and families across the globe. With multiple awards from both local and international sources under her wings, Dr. Yolanda N. George-David’s proficiency as a PRA – Personality Rebranding Agent – leaves no room for questions.

Driven by her passion to change her world one person at a time, she founded Aunt Landa’s Bethel foundation where over 25000 sexually abused Teenagers have been counseled, rehabilitated and most of them empowered vocationally. Aunt Landa works with a team of passionate volunteers and together they help redefine and add purpose to over 1 million registered and non registered members with different needs in the Foundation’s over 200 centers and from various walks of life.

Aunt Landa, as she is fondly called, is the host of two radio shows on 92.3 Inspiration fm – BEING REAL WITH AUNT LANDA & SHARING LIFE ISSUES WEEKEND SPECIAL WITH AUNT LANDA . She also takes to public speaking and radio mentoring programs, often referring to them as her most reliable weapons in her armory of wisdom.

Her love for God is seen daily as she brings ease to the heartbroken on and off the radio with her “special formula” – a pinch of care, a dash of love and a whole lot of God.

Connect with Dr Yolanda N. George-David (MBBS; FFS; PhD) | Obstetrician & Gynecologist | Clinical & Relational psychologist | Founder & Servant-in-charge, AUNT LANDA’S BETHEL FOUNDATION on 0700AUNTLANDA or 08099111919