Our Programs

Below are the programs run by AuntLanda Bethel Foundation;

> Aunt Landa’s 24/7 Sexual Abuse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Advocacy Program

The foundation is a place where we get to attend to sexual abuse cases as most of our centres are rescue centres. We get to treat them medically and they undergo counseling for some period of time. We have a team of volunteers that have devoted their lives in making sure that the culprits don’t go unpunished.


> Aunt Landa’s Widows Wardrobe

This is one of the foundation’s programs where we try to fill the gap created by a window’s loss of her husband. We ensure that widows get clothes, bags and everything fashion.


> Aunt Landa’s Free Medic Aid Program

This department deals with medical cases that are brought to the foundation. We have medical experts that attend to various medical cases for free in our various centres. We help in getting drugs for those that can’t afford it and often times, we help in paying for their hospital/medical bills.


> Aunt Landa’s No 2 Abortion’ Program

This is one of the core reasons for the establishment of the foundation.

Pregnant teenagers who do not want to keep pregnancies reach out to us and are encouraged not to commit abortion. We accommodate the ones without shelter, counsel them and even pay them on weekly basis to keep the pregnancies.


> Aunt Landa’s Prostitute Rehab Clinic

Our team of passionate volunteers are always on the lookout for teenage prostitutes. We go to them wherever we can find them, convince them that there is a better life outside prostitution, we then offer them certain amount of money to stay in any of our rehabilitation Centre whilst we counsel and empower them with vocational skills.


> Aunt Landa’s Suicide Watch

Our suicide watch teams are not left out as they have been able to help a lot of individuals who have attempted suicide due to one problem or the other. We get to place the victims under counseling and close watch to prevent such cases from reoccurring. Businesses are being set up for some of the victims, while some are being advised to learn a vocational skill of their choice.


> Aunt Landa’s Ability in Disability Project

The foundation is poised to eradicate the disability mentality of disabled people. This project seeks to bring out the best out of the disabled individuals, by counseling, training and empowering the disabled in their chosen field.


> Aunt Landa’s Open House Counseling

Every day, counseling sessions are held in our various centres across Lagos. Cases ranging from marital issues, relationship issues, financial issues just to mention a few are being attended to.


> Aunt Landa’s Free Legal Advice and Representation

We give legal advice/support to an individual who can’t afford it.


> Aunt Landa’s Fund Raising for Medical and Educational Bills Among Others

The foundation helps in raising medical funds for those who cannot afford it and educational funds for teenagers who are out of school.


> Aunt Landa’s Rehabilitation and Empowerment Program through Vocational Trainings

The foundation offers free vocational training for all individual to acquire skills for the betterment of themselves and the society at large.


> Aunt Landa’s Market Square

The #AuntLandasMarketSquare… is the only market square in the world where the needy gets to buy food, clothes, medicine and almost every other thing they need to survive… at the price of the “Aunt Landa Love Currency (Zero Naira wrapped in God’s love…)

Over 9,000 women and their children experienced the only Market Square in the world where they got to buy everything they needed for free and we gave scholarships to thousands of kids, free Medical health Care, Housings and many more at the cost of God’s Love at our first edition.

Now that was a Christmas miracle! And over 1,500 beneficiaries in our second edition and we are just getting warmed up.